The use of One Technique for Two Video games

The mathematical research on this weblog used to be performed via Rick Percy. I do not need the gear to do this research myself. Thanks, Rick!

My non-public purpose is to be informed the most productive technique for each sport I play. No longer everyone stocks that purpose. Some other folks need to reduce their paintings, or don’t have the time, or have bother maintaining the variations between methods immediately.

Let’s say one such particular person used to be going to be informed one technique for each 9/6 Jacks or Higher and eight/5 Bonus Poker. The video games are an identical, however no longer similar.

Percy used the methods created via the video poker technique calculator. He appeared on the elementary technique and the complicated technique. Those methods are very just about the Dancer/Day by day methods for a similar sport — however whether or not you come with a specific play within the elementary technique or the complicated technique is fairly arbitrary.

Enjoying 9/6 JoB Enjoying 8/5 BP
Go back Loss Go back Loss
The use of 9/6 JoB elementary technique 99.543% 0.001% 99.161% 0.005%
The use of 9/6 JoB complicated technique 99.544% 0.000% 99.158% 0.007%
The use of 8/5 BP elementary technique 99.524% 0.020% 99.159% 0.007%
The use of 8/5 BP complicated technique 99.537% 0.007% 99.166% 0.000%

The columns display the results of the use of more than a few methods at the two video games. The column known as “Loss” signifies how a lot you lose the use of that exact technique on that exact sport. Clearly, that quantity is 0 if you happen to’re the use of the complicated technique designed for that sport. That’s what a sophisticated technique is all about.

The rows display the fundamental and complicated methods for each and every of the 2 video games.

There are a selection of fascinating takeaways from this research.

a. For taking part in 9/6 JoB, the use of elementary technique 9/6 JoB handiest prices you 0.001% (in comparison to finding out each and every of the penalty card eventualities within the complicated technique), which is one penny for each $1,000 coin-in (or $1 for each $100,000 coin-in). 

b. For taking part in 9/6 JoB, the use of 8/5 BP elementary technique provides up 0.020%. That’s $20 for each $100,000 coin-in. The use of the 8/5 BP complicated technique handiest provides up about 1/3 of that quantity.

c. For taking part in 8/5 BP, the use of 9/6 JoB elementary technique provides up LESS than the use of 9/6 JoB complicated technique! Additional, and that is one of the vital surprising a part of this research, the use of 9/6 JoB elementary technique whilst enjoying 8/5 BP is BETTER than the use of 8/5 BP elementary technique for a similar sport!

d. In the event you’re going to be informed one technique and for either one of those video games, and also you play the video games roughly similarly, be informed the 9/6 JoB elementary technique, no longer the 9/6 JoB complicated technique! Added to that is the commentary that 9/6 JoB has a a lot more effective technique than 8/5 BP.

I’ve been requested again and again how a lot of a distinction does it make to be informed a sophisticated technique in comparison to the fundamental technique. The solution is that it depends upon the sport. Any other resolution is “no longer a lot,” however that, after all depends upon the worth you put on gleaning each nano-penny of price out of enjoying this sport.

I discovered the conclusions as of late fascinating. Thanks, Rick Percy.

It’s conceivable to create a combined technique precisely midway between the 2 video games. To try this, you upload the payouts in combination. This is, for complete properties, you upload 8 (the worth for 8/5 BP) to 9 (the worth for 9/6 JoB) and also you get 11. For 4 aces, you upload 80 to twenty-five and get 105. Then you use Video Poker for Winners or the Wizard of Odds technique calculator and create a mixed technique.

I didn’t do this right here as a result of:

  1. The unblended technique is in reality shut anyway. 
  2. The unblended technique is ceaselessly the primary one gamers be informed, because it’s the only maximum academics get started with.
  3. This process works if you happen to play the 2 video games similarly. In the event you play JoB two times up to you play BP, a 50-50 mixed technique is now not optimum.


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