Podcast – Mail Bag 5/24/2021

No guest this week as Bob and I answer listener questions from our mail bag.

We welcome your questions – send them to us at [email protected], or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter or https://www.facebook.com/GamblingWithAnEdge.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of listener email show
[00:34] Online blackjack versus in-person in the U.K.
[02:45] Bob and Richard.s lifestyle as restrictions ease
[05:33] Cover plays to prolong a game
[08:48] Strategy for UX vulturing
[10:47] Negative and positive decks with a balanced count
[11:37] Video poker points at MGM National Harbor
[13:31] Taking chips out of casinos
[16:01] Chopping results with missing information
[18:37] Keeping casino chips for 6-12 months
[21:22] Cover plays for slots
[23:04] Making strategic mistakes for cover in video poker
[24:22] Profitable bet spread when playing through all counts
[26:16] NSUD on Video Poker for Winners
[28:51] Strategy deviations for video poker progressives
[30:33] How old is Max Rubin?
[31:55] Bankroll for $5 hands of video poker
[34:22] W2G with dual citizenship
[36:39] Multi-accounting at sportsbooks
[38:52] South Point Casino May Promotions – Half-priced Gas and Gifts, $32k Memorial Day Hot Seat, $500k Spin to Win in June
[40:20] BlackjackApprenticeship.com – card counting training site and community
[41:15] VideoPoker.com/gwae – Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners
[42:55] Favorite non-strategy gambling books
[46:12] New AP with a 60-hour losing streak
[47:47] What casino position would be the most valuable to an AP?
[48:53] What types of blackjack games was Richard playing during his 160-hour losing streak?
[51:01] Video poker in St. Louis with a deal royal bonus
[53:31] Finding the payback for deal/draw poker games
[55:54] Fast Company by Jon Bradshaw, Kanopy.com

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Software Referenced:
Dunbar Risk Analyzer Lasvegasadvisor.com/shop/products/dunbars-risk-analyzer-for-video-poker-v-2-0-download-upgrade/

Video Poker for Winners Lasvegasadvisor.com/shop/products/video-poker-for-winners-v1-78/

Casino Verite Qfit.com

Authors of Non-Strategy Gambling Books:
Walter Tevis https://amzn.to/3fl5S4N
Damon Runyon https://amzn.to/3vpYpHb
Michael Konik https://amzn.to/3vDfRbD
Beth Raymer https://amzn.to/2QVW485
Robert B. Parker https://amzn.to/2RSdwdU
Bob Dancer http://bobdancer.com
Richard Munchkin https://amzn.to/3vl3DUJ
Fast Company by Jon Bradshaw https://amzn.to/3oU2twV
The Education of a Poker Player by Herbert O’Yardley https://amzn.to/2QTxULg

Fast Company by John Bradshaw https://amzn.to/3oU2twV


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