Podcast – visitor blackjack participant Vecnan

Our visitor this week is a blackjack participant, and workforce chief referred to as Vecnan.  Vecnan first got here to my consideration once I heard he had recruited blackjack teammates off Craig’s Checklist.  I assumed he sounded totally insane, and needed to get him at the display.

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Display Notes

[00:00] Creation of card counter, Vecnan

[00:33] Vecnan’s early merit play revel in
[02:51] Self-taught merit play
[03:35] Writing articles about blackjack
[04:47] Changing into a full-time skilled, tough sides of that activity
[08:25] Courting whilst taking part in full-time
[09:46] 200-hour dropping streaks, possibility of break
[11:34] Again-offs and canopy performs
[19:18] Forming a workforce, promoting, coaching
[27:30] Extra coaching program dialogue
[29:18] Enjoying as a refusal
[31:12] Converting unfold or best wager by means of marketplace
[32:44] Bankroll break up
[35:23] South Level On line casino January Promotions – $400,000 Spin to Win
[36:49] Predictit.org/promo/edge – position small bets on quite a lot of political occasions, $20 deposit fit for GWAE listeners

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