Podcast – Dice Control part 2

Our guest this week is Frank B.  Frank is back for part 2 of our discussion on dice control.

[00:00] Introduction of advantage player, Frank B
[00:40] Las Vegas re-opens
[03:46] Caesars is now El Dorado
[05:50] Cashing out slot tickets
[09:45] Frank B’s realized return from dice
[10:43] How many hours of practice did Frank put in?
[12:26] Did results deteriorate over long sessions?
[13:33] Was Frank self-taught or did he pay for lessons?
[22:29] Using a high-speed camera
[27:08] South Point Casino June Promotions – $500k Spin to Win
[28:50] BlackjackApprenticeship.com – card counting training site and community with software, community, and other tools
[29:23] VideoPoker.com/gwae – Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners
[30:27] Do’s and Don’t of playing advantage craps
[42:44] Countermeasures in Las Vegas
[47:51] Countermeasures outside of Las Vegas
[49:34] Tim Tebow touchdown prop
[53:41] Recommended – Croupier, Jake’s Bar

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